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The United Metaphysical Churches is an association which provides an education program for metaphysical students who desire to become ministers. It furthers and promulgates the concepts of Divine Metaphysics, issues charters for study groups and churches, ordains and issues certification for spiritual healers and mediums.

The UMC is a nationwide organization which is listed in the Cumulative List of Organizations described in Section 170© of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 as a central organization holding a group exemption letter, whose subordinate units covered by the group exemption are also included as having contributions deductible, even though they are not separately listed.

You are invited to attend our church services, share in our seminars and workshops, experience healing, visit our outstanding bookstore, read by the fireside in our beautifully appointed Library, enjoy the delicious food in our cafeteria, and absorb the peace and enlightenment as you walk around the lovely 21 acres nestled in the mountains of Roanoke, Virginia.

Please feel free to join us in any of our activities, and if you like what you experience, come back and visit with us again and bring your friends. On behalf of the staff that makes the center “tick,” we all look forward to meeting you and extend our blessings and welcome to you and your loved ones.

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The pictures begin with a HEARTY WELCOME from all here at UMC including the animal children. Pictures include volunteers setting up the banquet tables, the beautiful decorations and the many wonderful folks who enjoyed the food, entertainment and fellowship! Pictured are those who were ordained into the Ministry of the United Metaphysical Churches: Rev. Mr. Stephen R. Barrell, Rev.Mrs Deborah A. Hept, and the Rev. Mrs. Catherine Tucker. Pictured is also the beautiful cake that was served for their reception. Pictured also is Rev. Brown presenting plaque for the donations of new windows in the farm house to Gabriele Sass in memory of her mother Renate Sass. Also pictured, Diane M. Stump who served as Treasurer and Property Manager for UMC for over 13 years and our new Treasurer, Elizabeth Moore-McDeavitt (the one with the wine glass.) We also welcome David Reid as a new Board Member. Pictured here are David and his lovely wife Ann. Lots of other pictures of folks enjoying the convention.

Images from UMC in Roanoke

The United Metaphysical Churches was organized on November 21, 1964, and was incorporated on April 20, 1965 under the name of the Spiritual Churches of Science and Revelation, a non-profit religious association. In 1992 the name changed to the United Metaphysical Churches.

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